Buying A Home???

Buying a home is a huge decision, so making sure you know your families exact needs, wants, and long-term goals is crucial. You wouldn’t want to end up regretting the biggest decision you ever made.  Before you meet with a realtor to start looking for a home, you are going to want to find a lender, we can provide you with some great recommendations if necessary.  A lender will determine if you are eligible for a home loan and can answer any questions you have as well as provide you with helpful tips on getting a better deal.  Before you start house shopping you will need to check your credit score, create a budget, save for a down payment, get pre-approved for a loan, and then start looking for an agent.

Having the right agent working with you will save you time, money, and your sanity, so choose wisely.  Not every agent is the same, so choose the agent that best fits you.  Our office consists of 5 agents who all have very different strategies, personalities, and techniques, but similarly all have outstanding reputations. Our goal is to provide you with the most outstanding services possible and to get you into your home in a timely, stress free manner.                                

When it is time to start looking for your new home, DO NOT only look at one house, look at multiple. Sometimes when its time to start looking we feel rushed or overly excited, so we tend to forget those needs, wants, and goals, and then settle for less and regret it later.  It is important that you slow down and take time to prioritize those wants and needs, and write down your likes and dislikes at each showing cause finding everything your looking for is always a challenge.

Once you have chosen a home, your agent will help you write an offer.  A seller normally has 24 hours to respond to your offer.  Either they will accept, decline, or counter.  Your agent will help guide you through this and if your offer is accepted you will sign the purchase agreement, pay your earnest money, and escrow will be opened.  At this point your agent might advise you to get a home inspection and negotiate any repairs if necessary.

The next 21 to 30 plus days will be used to complete the underwriting process.  During this time it is important to not do anything to put your credit or financial situation in jeopardy.  Be sure to always respond to your lender as soon as possible with any documentation requested, as this will benefit the amount of time it takes them to get the final approval on your loan.

Lastly you will need to do a final walk through of the home.  Be sure to take your agent, review a walk-through checklist, and ask any questions you may have.  When it is time to close on your home, your agent will set up a signing appointment with the title company.  Review all the documents you sign carefully and I cannot express enough how important it is to ask questions because this is your LAST CHANCE to ask before you become a homeowner.  Remember no question is a dumb question, this is your future! 

Finally you will have the keys to your new home and can move in.

Or Selling???

This is what we have to offer you:

·         Drone photograph

o   Large property? No problem our drone can take pictures and videos of it all. In

 fact our drone can fly up high enough in the air to give viewers a view of every acre of your land and surrounding neighborhood! Photos and videos are some of the most important pieces of a real estate listing. In fact, 95% of home buyers say that photos are the most important factor when shopping for homes and that is why we take such great pride in the photography we provide.

·         Social media marketing (Facebook & Instagram)

o   1.3 Billion people use Facebook, making it a perfect place to target home buyers.

o   Currently, Instagram is considered the fastest-growing social media platform,

with 800 million monthly users also making it a perfect place to attract home buyers.

·         Advertising on Zillow,, craigslist, and more.

·         Yard and directional signs

·         Listing of the week highlight

o   We can highlight your property as our listing of the week on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram).

o   Walk-through and/or Drone videos of your listing to post to our social media pages during your highlighted week.

o   Flyers will be posted in the office on our “Listing of the week” board.

o   We will send out an email to our contact list including pictures and information about your property.

·         Flyers (available if requested)

·         Open houses (available if requested)

·         Communication is key in our business so we will be sure to keep in contact with you through out the whole sales process with updates on views, showings, and more.